Affiliate Status

What does that mean? It means that you are a Affiliate, NOT an employee of Carolina Country Bling. An Affiliate is a self employed sales person who solicits orders for, Carolina Country Bling merchandise at a discounted price to resell at retail price for a profit (commissions).

A person is not considered an Affiliate until all sign up information and/or payment/kit purchasing fees have been accepted by CCB are complete. No person may represent CCB (i.e. accepting payments, promoting products, sponsoring) unless their affiliate account has been approved and accepted by CCB.

It is your responsibility to keep business logs of your income and expenses, and file income taxes as required by law. Since you are a Affiliate and not an employee of Carolina Country Bling, no withholding for federal, social security, state, or local tax will be done for you. You will receive a 1099 form at tax time, usually in January, for only commissions and overrides paid to you over $600.00 (six hundred dollars). Profits made from your shows, in person purchases, etc. will be your responsibility to keep track of and file with the IRS. Please check with your tax advisor about certain expense; write-offs, that you may be entitled to take by working from your home. See the website for accurate information on self employment, home business use, and other income tax filing questions.

Affiliates shall not engage in any unlawful, dishonest, or deceptive trade practices as defined by federal, provincial, state, and municipal laws or regulations. Business practices shall always reflect a courteous, considerate, and professional manner.

No Affiliate shall have the right to engage Carolina Country Bling in any contractual relationship, or use the company name for credit purposes.

For all forms of advertising, you must state: Your Name, Betty Jane (example), Affiliate with Carolina Country Bling. This denotes you are NOT an employee of Carolina Country Bling.

Trade names, logos, brochures, and literature are copyrighted material and may not be altered without the written approval of Carolina Country Bling.

Carolina Country Bling requires all Affiliates to conduct their business in an ethical and honest manner. Integrity in business is the foundation of CCB. You may not solicit past and present Affiliate in any manner. (No pre-selling of leads or other business programs etc.) You may not place sales/recruits under another Affiliate (considered stacking). You may not spam.