Terms & Conditions


Anyone may join as a Carolina Country Bling Affiliate simply by clicking the register page. There is no fee to join. You must be at least 18 years of age to join.

You may not represent yourself as an employee, principal/owner or officer of the company.

Store credit is not redeemable as cash. If you have a store credit it is only good on a future purchase.

Rock Star Affiliates (Team Leaders):

It is against Carolina Country Bling terms to require your team members to purchase a minimum amount per month. Affiliates are NOT required to purchase a minimum dollar amount per month to remain active. Any team leader caught requiring or harassing their team members to meet goals other than those required by our official TOS will be terminated and you will lose your team. Carolina Country Bling reserves the right to remove any consultant for harassment of any kind. Any questions, please contact carolinacountrybling@gmail.com or contact us here.

PLEASE NOTE: An affiliate has the right to request to be removed from a team at any time given there is a valid reason. Approval from the upline is NOT required and this is a decision that is made by Carolina Country Bling.


We do charge a flat rate fee of $5.50 shipping on all orders. We do not charge a handling fee or any other hidden fees.

We currently ship to all 50 states of the USA and Guam, Puerto Rico, APO and FPO addresses. All orders will ship between 7-10 business days. (weekends excluded) and utilize the United States Postal Service (USPS) with tracking.

All items are usually shipped in the same package. You will receive a notice via email with the tracking number. To track your package, please go to usps.com and enter your tracking number.

Please note: Carolina Country Bling cannot be held accountable for packages once in the possession of the USPS service. If your package is stolen/lost/delayed, delivered to a wrong address by your mail carrier, or damaged by USPS we unfortunately cannot replace or refund the items. All lost packages are the responsibility of USPS. Please contact your local USPS to resolve any shipment issues.

ALL orders must have a recipient name on them.

Sales Tax:

You are responsible for contacting your state and county about filing the necessary paperwork for running a business. You are also responsible for filing your own federal taxes and paying your own state sales tax (if this applies).

It is your responsibility to invoice and/or collect funds from your customers when they place an order with you.

We do pay our own state sales tax from each purchase made through our website.

Earning Commission:

To earn commission from any online retail sales that you may receive via your website link, you will need to have a minimum of $5 in total commission earned before payout is made.  

Retail commissions are paid via Direct Deposit, PayPal or Store Credit every Monday. Team commissions for those who earn rank will be paid on or around the 20th of the month for the following months online sales.

Commission is not earned on Business Materials. example: business cards, kits, etc.

To view our Ranks and Comp Plan please click here.

Staying Active:

To remain active as a Carolina Country Bling Affiliate, you will need to make a purchase of any amount, or have customer orders of any amount, within a 6 month time frame (every 180 days).

At the end of 6 months if you don't have any orders or purchases, your account will become inactive and you will need to wait 30 days before you reapply. Your account can only be reinstated one time. An Affiliate that does not meet this requirement will be deleted and will also lose all of your downline, accumulated bonus' and any future retail commissions.

Selling Other Products and Price Point:

We DO allow you to sell other brands of jewelry and accessories along side of our products. Like we have said before, this is YOUR business and YOU run it the way you want to.

We give you a suggested retail price to sell the products for, but it's completely up to you on what price you decide to sell them for with your business.

We do not permit using the Carolina Country Bling name on competitor products.

Returns, Cancellations and Claims:

In the event that you need to submit a claim or have a question regarding an order please email carolinacountrybling@gmail.com or contact us here. The subject must include your order number and name.

If you are submitting a claim for a broken piece please include a picture of the piece. Please note that this must be done within 24hrs of the delivery date. All emails will be answered within 24hrs. 

We will only accept returns on approval. You MUST email us before returning any item to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#). In the event of a return, we will ONLY issue a store credit. We do not offer cash refunds. If you have a problem with an item, please let us know and we will do our best to provide an amicable solution.

We also charge a 15% re-stock fee on ALL returns and cancellations. We will deduct any missing items from your return as well as any broken pieces. In the event we do accept a refund request you MUST state a valid reason for requesting a refund and return your order for any type of refund. You must return your ENITRE order to receive a PARTIAL refund. You are responsible for all shipping fees (including return shipping) and we do NOT refund any shipping fees.

We also charge a 15% re-stock fee on ALL returns and cancellations. We will deduct any missing items from your return as well as any broken pieces. In the event we do accept a refund request you MUST state a valid reason for requesting a refund and return your order for any type of refund. You must return your ENITRE order to receive a PARTIAL refund. Carolina Country Bling does not accept "test" orders nor sell on approval.

Broken Jewelry:

As we are sure that our Affiliate/Customers understand, during shipment it is always a possibility that a jump ring may come loose. This is NOT a defect. The jump rings can be reapplied with a pair of pliers. This does not warrant a refund or credit. You must report any defective/damaged/missing items within 24hrs of receipt.

Missing Jewelry:

We use a double check process to ensure all items you ordered are packed in your shipment. In RARE occurrences, an item may be missing from your shipment. Please double check all packing material to ensure no item(s) have been lodged inside of packaging. 

Our policy is that the first time we will issue a store credit, because sometimes mistakes happen. However, we will not issue a store credit for a subsequent and future second claim of missing items. Why? because once you make a claim ALL your shipments are triple checked for accuracy. In the event you are positive we have made a second mistake, we require you to return your entire shipment and we will issue a refund (less shipping and return fee) and close your account.

Composition and Origination:

We make no guarantee as to value, merchantability, profit or sales on any item. Unless otherwise noted, all items are fashion (also known as costume) jewelry, they are not 'real' gold or 'real' silver or "real" stones although those words may be used to indicate color and not material.

Please note in the description whether an item is genuine gold, silver, gemstone, leather, etc. Only genuine items are marked as genuine. A description using words such as ruby, Austrian crystal, diamond, gold, silver, leather are only genuine if preceded with the word genuine (for example genuine diamond, genuine ruby, genuine leather etc).

All items are Lead and Nickel compliant. 

Our suppliers and manufacturers are located in various countries; including China, Singapore, Mexico, etc. Unless noted in the description items are of foreign origin and not made in the USA. Items made in the USA will be indicated in the description with 'Made in The USA'. Components, findings, parts, stones, etc may or may not be made in the USA.

Some items are personally made by our owners themself. Those items will be indicated in the description. 


We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and other sources.

We also offer ShopPay, which is a source where you can make 4 installment payments. Please note: Your order will begin processing after your payment has been released to us from ShopPay. This can take 2-5 business days.

Out of Stock:

In the event an item is out of stock when you order, we will issue a credit for the amount of said piece value. In the event there is a piece missing in your order, we will issue a store credit.

Conduct on Social Media or Other Public Forums:

You may not represent yourself as an officer, owner, co-owner, or employee of Carolina Country Bling. You are not permitted to use Carolina Country Bling's logo as a standalone image on any profile, business page, etc. You may however incorporate the logo into your own design.

Please Be Aware: At no time are you allowed to use the name Carolina Country Bling for your business. This includes "Carolina Country Bling by 'Your Name'". If at any time we are made aware that you are using Carolina Country Bling in any form or fashion for your business your account will be terminated.

We are only allowing distributors for the United States of America and U.S.A territories. 

Carolina Country Bling is a registered Trademark. Carolina Country Bling reserves the right to change/adjust terms and policies. All Sales FINAL. Carolina Country Bling reserves the right to remove anyone as a Affiliate if we feel they are attempting to impede or interfere with the integrity of the system.

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