Become a CCB Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Affiliate with Carolina Country Bling. 

We are taking a new approach to selling jewelry and accessories. Unlike “other” companies that want you to earn points and titles, we want you to be successful with YOUR business and earn MONEY. When you say YOU are a business owner, we want those words to be 100% true. And by allowing YOU to work YOUR business the way YOU want is the first step.

Carolina Country Bling will basically be your supplier for your jewelry and accessories. You promote your business the way you see fit. Whether it is at a home party, a Facebook live show, or over coffee with some friends. You will have access to everything we offer. 

Freedom In Your Own Business!

  • We offer quality fashionable merchandise at deep wholesale prices and you sell at a profit.
  • Most of the items in our lines easily sell for $5+, but you are free to sell at any price you desire. Markets all over the USA differ, in some areas the jewelry will sell for more, in other areas a little less. You have the freedom to set your own profit.
  • Sell alongside other jewelry or competitive products. As an independent affiliate you have the freedom to control your own business and your own destiny. We do not restrict you from selling other items with ours, unlike many direct sales companies who prohibit you with all their strict rules.
  • Do you set up at events or shows? We permit more than one affiliate in shows. We do not control how you choose to run your business!

This is YOUR business! That is what freedom is, giving you the power to control and succeed in your OWN business.

Get Signed Up:

Joining our team is easy. Simply fill out our form. Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be reviewed for approval. 

Once approved, you'll be able to place orders, earn commission on your retail sales and so much more. 

Buying Discount: Up to 60%  Buying Discount (varies depending on product) 

When your account is approved you will be able to shop our website and receive our wholesale prices. 
Earn From Your Downline: 
We have an amazing Comp Plan that has wonderful rewards. Take a look at what each rank offers by clicking here. 
We offer Exclusive Promotions, Other Bonus' and More
Stay Active:
To remain a CCB Affiliate you must place an order or have a customer order of ANY Amount every 6 months.

Free Website:
You will receive a free Carolina Country Bling website. You will earn 25% commission on any customer orders you received via your website link. 

It is your choice to have a different website to sell your items or if you choose to use other sources to sell your items.

Like we stated above, this is YOUR business. We just supply the product(s) to you. 

Sampler Kits:

We offer different sampler kits so you can see what type of products we sell. You may sell these items at the price you prefer. Normally our suggested retail price for these items are at or around $5 each. 

Our sampler kits are as follow:

You may purchase any of these sampler kits at any time. Please note: Your discount can NOT be used when making a kit purchase. 



Click here to view our Terms & Conditions.

Please Be Aware: 

You may not represent yourself as an officer, owner, co-owner, or employee of Carolina Country Bling. You are not permitted to use Carolina Country Bling's logo as a standalone image on any profile, business page, etc. You may however incorporate the logo into your own design.

At no time are you allowed to use the name Carolina Country Bling for your business. This includes "Carolina Country Bling by 'Your Name'". If at any time we are made aware that you are using Carolina Country Bling in any form or fashion for your business your account will be terminated.

We are only allowing affiliates for the United States of America and U.S.A territories. 

Carolina Country Bling is a registered Copyright/Trademark. Carolina Country Bling reserves the right to change/adjust terms and policies. All Sales FINAL. Carolina Country Bling reserves the right to remove anyone as a Affiliate if we feel they are attempting to impede or interfere with the integrity of the system.

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