Jewelry Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

How do you untangle a necklace?

Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder on the necklace to loosen it. Then use a pin to move it apart. I also recommend undoing the clasp so that it's easier to untangle.

How do I keep my jewelry from tarnishing?

Moisture is the enemy of fashion jewelry. Be sure to take your jewelry off before you shower, wash your hands or apply lotion. Place a piece of chalk in your jewelry box. This will help absorb moisture.

How do I pack my necklaces so that they don't get tangled?

Lay out a sheet of Glad Press & Seal and then lay your jewelry an inch or more apart on the sheet. Put another sheet on top and press around each item. Then roll it up and pack it in your suitcase. 

How do I fix broken jewelry?

Our fashion jewelry is well made, especially considering the low price. From time to time a piece may break, but most of the time, it's just a separated jump ring that can easily be fixed. If you have pliers you can use them but honestly, the jump rings are so easy to close you can do it with your fingers. It just requires a little know-how so that you understand how the jump ring should close. Do not ever pull it apart, but instead, twist the ends away from each other if you are opening, and toward each other if you are closing it. 

How do I size up a necklace?

Most of the necklaces come with a 2" extender. So you can simply hook the clasp into the end of the extender instead of the main loop. If you need for it to be even longer, ask your consultant if they have an extra extender you can have. You can string several together with a jump ring to make it the length you desire.

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